Become a client of ABI Business Advisory

Harnessing the synergy of its global business network, rich local expertise, and large postgraduate workforce, ABI provides strategic planning and project management services for both African and international clients seeking to expand their businesses into or within East Africa.

The beauty of becoming a client of the ABI Business Advisory is that the income will directly help support the ABI Business School. Furthermore, should you decide, after testing the local business landscape together with us, that your business would like to expand into Africa, your business may have the opportunity of employing ABI Business School's skilled, ethical business graduates. Many of these graduates would otherwise have struggled to find employment in countries like Uganda, where 60% of university graduates are unemployed. 

Give back to society and help create a better tomorrow for Africa's youth by becoming a client of the ABI Business Advisory.

* NOTE:  The ABI Business Advisory works in partnership with Ideologie International, the for-profit business arm of the ABI. By clicking "Contact Us", you will be directed to the Ideologie International enquiry page. 


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