ABI Certificate Program

A world-class certificate in business administration that allows flexibility for busy people

The ABI certificate program is designed for busy people who do not have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or people who cannot take a whole year off to study.

 The ABI Certificate Program offers you options to bundle together high-quality courses from ABI’s core post-graduate curriculum, and attend only the ones you want to. The certificate that you will be issued will indicate which courses you have taken. Candidates to the certificate program do NOT require a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Fees will be determined by how many courses you choose to take. Please consult the table below for fees per course to plan how you are going to finance your program. 

Class Specifications

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 16.30.05.png
  • All classes with dedicated devotional time to explore a biblical worldview for business practices

  • All modules include a “Leadership Talk”, hosting a leader in business/ministry to speak on relevant issues

  • Faculty team of international and local professors

  • PLACE: African Bible University – Lubowa, Uganda

  • DAYS: Mon-Thu

  • TIME: 6:30~8:00pm


Below, we have also listed suggested bundles tailored by our curriculum team:

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Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 16.32.23.png

Applying for ABI is FREE!! Fill out the application form and await ABI Admissions to contact you via email or phone.