What's teaching in Uganda like?

The Campus

ABI takes place on the beautiful campus of African Bible College in Uganda. Founded in 2013 at Lubowa, Kampala, the campus recently completed building several new guest houses for the use of students and visiting lecturers. The grounds of ABU is an oasis of solitude in the midst of busy Kampala. In addition to classrooms and guest huts, ABC Uganda also has its own soccer field, cafeteria, gymnasium, tennis courts, and chapel. Across the street from the campus is a gym, large supermarket, and many restaurants and cafes. Your on-campus lodging will be a tastefully furnished African-style studio, with an ensuite bathroom and well-equipped kitchen. You will be supplied with drinking water and, if you choose, cleaning and laundry services.


What would I do?

Each course is expected to last two weeks and is taught between 5pm-7:30pm, Monday to Thursday. The duration of your stay depends on the number of courses you choose to teach.

During the daytime, the ABI faculty will ensure you accommodate your wishes for your stay in Africa. Some of the activities that past lecturers have enjoyed are:

  • Joining ABI student teams in their field trips into the city and village to test their business ideas
  • Joining ABI intern teams as they consult small, medium, and large Ugandan companies on strategy, marketing, operations, finance, etc. 
  • Joining ABI students in their ABI barbecue parties, fun and games
  • Relaxing in some of the five-star resorts around the campus. One of the favourite destinations have been Serena Lake Victoria Golf Resort and Spa. The resort offers five-star accommodations, a complete golf course, modern spa, gym, pool, and fine dining
  • Going shopping in Kampala city with an ABI staff guide and driver
  • Take the day off and relax in your accommodations

What should I know about life in Uganda?

Ugandan culture revolves around building relationships and mutual trust. Locals are very friendly and love getting to know newcomers. Therefore, expect to engage people in conversation about themselves and be asked in return. English and Luganda are commonly used within Kampala.

Uganda is quite a safe and peaceful country. It is lush and retains many of its natural heritage, so there are many opportunities for outdoor adventures. It is still developing and recent years have seen the establishment of a few malls and some restaurants with international cuisine. 

A common mode of transport is a 'boda' or motorcycle taxi. However, many amenities are within walking distance of the ABI campus.

To learn more, please contact us for our Briefing Booklet. If invited to be a lecturer, you will receive a cultural briefing session before you leave.



How much will it cost?

ABI will cover the lodging costs of visiting lecturers. For meals, instructors are encouraged to dine with students in the cafeteria, which serves simple local Ugandan food. Faculty members often invite visiting lecturers for dinner. Your lodging will also include a kitchen with basic cooking equipment and just across the street is a large, well-stocked supermarket. Living costs in Uganda, other than rental, are quite cheap.

However, as ABI is a non-profit organization, in order to maximize the impact of our donations, we depend on the charity of lecturers who truly desire to share their expertise and knowledge. The position with ABI is a volunteer position. You should expect to cover your round-trip ticket and any personal expenses such as local transportation, outside food, and touring.

Many of our faculty is supported by fundraising. We would be happy to discuss this with you if you have further questions.