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Accelerating business leaders in Africa to transform lives and communities ... one business at a time


African Business Institute (ABI) is a full-package business education, incubation, and investment institute based in Uganda and Malawi. ABI offers an accredited one-year, post-graduate business program as well as investment and mentorship into graduates' businesses. ABI also provides strategic consulting and research to local and international clients expanding into and within East Africa. 



"Ask ABI" Articles 

"Ask ABI" articles are written by ABI postgraduate students in collaboration with ABI Business School faculty and the ABI Business Advisory


The Business School

ABI's flagship program is its accredited, one-year post-graduate business diploma, taught by professors from some of the world's most prestigious universities, but specifically tailored for Africa's startup environment. 


Startup Fund & Incubator

ABI's invests into its postgraduate alumni's startups, and has funded multiple businesses in Uganda, Malawi, and Liberia and continues to guide them through their critical first years of operations.


The Business Advisory

Harnessing the synergy of its global business network, rich local expertise, and large postgraduate workforce, ABI provides strategic planning and project management services for both African and international clients seeking to expand their businesses into or within East Africa through its for-profit arm - Ideologie International


ABI Village Ministries

A pro-bono program run by ABI's postgraduate business students, ABI Village Ministries provides customized business workshops in rural African communities, helping local farmers, fishermen, and entrepreneurs scale their businesses. The ministry allows ABI students to give back to society while adapting lecture content to the local African context. 


Global, local, and relentlessly practical

ABI's students, graduates, and clients have the benefit of working alongside mentors and advisors from  world-class institutions such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge to launch, scale, and establish their businesses in Africa. 

Whether you are an ABI graduate team starting a new water filtration company for rural Malawian villages or a foreign multinational electronics firm venturing into Uganda's flourishing internet industry, ABI ensures you have global-standard, local street-smart resources at your disposal.

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ABI is A Proud member of African Bible Colleges Group

Values before value

ABI strongly believes that the fight against poverty in Africa calls not only for a critical mass of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) but also the ethical leaders to run them. Africa needs business leaders who will be known for their unshakeable integrity and selfless values, whose ultimate motive is not the enriching of pockets but the enriching of lives. 

Successful leaders who hold to such values can revolutionise and revitalise entire villages, cities, and even nations.  However, leaders like these, who possess both the business acumen of an entrepreneur and the pastoral heart of a church minister are hard to find.  

The African Bible Colleges (ABC) Group, however, has a 45-year history of training church ministers and Christian leaders in Africa. Launching ABI as part of ABC Group provides ABI with the ability to produce the very kind of business leaders that Africa needs to transform itself.

Operating on ABC campuses and accepting a majority of its post-graduate classes from ABC alumni gives ABI the unique ability to provide an environment that nurtures spiritual growth, cultivates a culture of servant-leadership, and instils a hardwired enthusiasm to serve God and people.