Instructor Testimonials


Steve Walton

EMORY University Executive MBA Program

Professor in the Practice of Information Systems & Operations Management

“Teaching at ABI is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. Working with the ABI students was a real blessing to me. Sometimes we forget what ‘resilience’ really means. The ABI students, though, are living examples of personal resilience through their faith in God. Working with them helped me continue to clarify my understanding of the relationship between business and our Christian faith. The ABI students are quite smart, but because they come from developing countries, they need a bit more background than a typical American student. This, though, was a source of blessing again. Because they are smart and motivated, they invest so much energy to understand what we teach them. I have never taught a class of students that was so committed to their learning. Their motivation to learn seemed to come from two related sources. First, they are committed to honoring their God through their academic efforts. Second, they are committed to developing and launching Christian-based businesses. I am so inspired by the ABI students. I hope you have the opportunity to work with them.”


Garry Todd

ARHC Accredited Green Roofing Professional

RISE Certified Solar Roofing Professional

“I’ve been fortunate to have the chance over the last few years to mentor several African students, two of whom are now enrolled at ABI. I’ve worked with many, many young men and women in business during my lifetime, but few have brought as much satisfaction as these two men have brought. The young men are full of ideas and enthusiasm, as you would expect, but the level of intelligence and understanding they bring to planning projects has been a constant source of wonder and encouragement. I find myself constantly learning from them. As ABI continues - very effectively - to increase the skills of young African business leaders, the role of mentorship becomes even more valuable, offering the absolutely critical behind-the-scenes direction and guidance these young men and women need as they begin businesses and pursue careers. As mentors, it is absolutely rewarding to see their lives change before our eyes as real economic progress powers forward in Africa. ”

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Mark Linsz

Bank of America, Corporate Treasurer

My Next Season, Co-founder and Senior Managing Partner

"Join me in investing in the future of Africa. African Business Institute graduates use their business education, practical training, and carefully nurtured entrepreneurial skills to start new businesses. These young men and women have a deep interest in work-faith integration, integrity, and the opportunity to employ those in their community. They are the ones of their generation who will make a lasting impact in their country. "