ABI Investment Fair 2018

African Business Institute (ABI) and our parent organization African Bible Colleges (ABC) are proud to present ABI Class of 2018’s six business teams. After a year of intensive, postgraduate business education, market research, and pilot projects, the teams are now ready for investment. All business plans have undergone rigorous coaching and input from African Business Institute, Oxford University’s Project ENSIGO Team, and over 15 world-class instructors who have flown in from the US, Japan, and the UK.

Each business is now open for investment bids. Investments can be made through loans, credit facilities, and equity. These investments can be facilitated by ABI as the fund manager and due diligence agent, or directly with the businesses themselves. There is also an option to donate to a revolving fund.

Scroll down to watch the investment pitches as well as key tutorials about ABI’s investment options, pricing mechanisms, and postgraduate curriculum.


ABI Investment Fair 2018 Opening - Watch Full Video

Jun Shiomitsu, ABI President, opens ABI's annual investment fair at the Malawi campus of African Bible Colleges, its parent organization. Click here to watch the full video.

(20 min 24 sec)


How can I invest in an ABI business?

Click to see the various investment options that are available - either directly with an ABI startup or through the ABI Fund.

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What does a year in ABI look like?

Click to see the rigorous, world-class training that each student and business team has gone through.

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How does ABI determine lending rates & ROI?

Click to learn about the ABICS (ABI Credit Score) System, ABI’s own innovative method for pricing lending and ROI rates.

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The Business Pitches



Bioternity compresses and carbonizes agricultural waste to produce briquettes that burn 5 times longer than charcoal ... smoke-free. Bioternity intends to sell their produce in Malawi, where deforestation is a grave problem due to 97% of the population relying on charcoal and firewood.

(7 min 38 sec)

Wala Coffee

Wala Coffee intends to launch a coffee house chain that offers an Afro-centric flavor to coffee over African jazz music, open mics, and poetry in the heart of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The team has already gotten $20,000 in investment as of Dec 2, 2018, three days after their investment pitch.

(7 min 17 sec)

Eco Building Systems

Eco Building Systems, winner of Oxford ENSIGO Business Competition 2018, has developed construction material (bricks, pavers) out of sand mixed with plastic waste, the first of its kind in Malawi. It has been certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards to be 3 times stronger than common fire-cured brick.

(7 min 43 sec)


Authentic Fix

In Malawi, where plumbing, painting, and simple property maintenance can take up to 6 weeks to be addressed, Authentic Fix will be the first company in the country to offer 24-hour maintenance with a guarantee of response within 48 hours.

(8 min 23 sec)

Native Poultry

In Malawi, where chicken is a staple food, most of its eggs are imported from overseas. Native Poultry intends to sell local eggs to large Malawian department stores, and have already secured purchase agreements with 2 of Malawi’s largest supermarket chains.

(7 min 46 sec)

Tulye Foods

Tulye Foods already has 63 wholesalers and retailers confirmed as a customer base. Their product is a nutritious, cheap snack to help alleviate rampant malnutrition amongst Malawi's young children, age 14 and younger.

(9 min 03 sec)