Invest in ABI's life-transforming businesses

The ABI Fund is a US-domiciled impact fund management company that invests into the startups launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students, as well as other startups primarily in the African continent. The arm consists of a combination of fixed income and equity funds, and also has a non-profit, revolving, donation fund domiciled as a 501c3 in the United States. 

But the ABI Fund is not alone. It goes hand in hand with the ABI Incubator. 

The ABI Incubator is ABI's startup support and consultancy arm designed specifically for the companies launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students. It provides strategic advise, investment support, financial management support, first-year office, communications, and transport equipment to ensure ABI startups have a smooth start.  

To learn more about opportunities to invest in ABI's life-transforming businesses, contact us with the subject line: "Potential Investor for ABI". Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. 



Come teach & coach our outstanding students

Take this fantastic and challenging opportunity to volunteer for something that will directly change the lives of many young men and women in Africa ... just by sharing the skills and knowledge that you learned in college, business school, or your work experience.

The courses are 20-hours long (2 weeks of evening courses):





Instructors are pivotal to ABI's success. We at ABI respect that you have individual talents that must be uniquely applied.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us with the subject line: "Potential Instructor", attach your most up-to-date CV/Resume, and include your availability and time zone so that we can arrange a call to get to know you. Don't hesitate to send us a message for any questions.



Share your innovative business ideas for Africa

Our students are eager to transform Africa. But they often do not have the exposure to modern services and goods that we from the US, Europe, and Asia do. This sets them back in their ability to come up with life-transforming business ideas for their continent and generation. Many have never seen a vending machine, for example, and so cannot visualize the industry nor come up with similar or adapted services. 

Help them catch up! Share with us your most innovative ideas for business in Africa. 

You can be certain that your idea will be given into the hands of a team of driven, skilled, and ethical business innovators. And ... you will be credited when the idea becomes a business plan, wins a cash prize at an Oxford University sponsored business competition, and ultimately becomes a business and company.

You don't need financial resources to invest into changing lives in Africa!

Contact us with the subject line: "Business Idea for ABI", include information about yourself that you would like us to include when we credit you if and when the idea gets accepted and becomes a business, and tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to share your idea with ABI student teams. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.