The ABI Fund & Incubator


The ABI Incubator is ABI's startup support and consultancy arm designed specifically for the companies launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students. It provides strategic advise, investment support, financial management support, first-year office, communications, and transport equipment to ensure ABI startups have a smooth start.  

The ABI Fund is a US-domiciled impact fund management company that invests into the startups launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students, as well as other startups primarily in the African continent. The arm consists of a combination of fixed income and equity funds, and also has a non-profit, revolving, donation fund domiciled as a 501c3 in the United States. 

See what kinds of startups ABI business school student teams have been working on with the help of the ABI Fund and ABI Incubator.



Billboda (Billboard on a Bodaboda) provides advertising ... on motorbikes in Uganda. There are over 300,000 motorbike taxis (bodabodas) in Uganda. Billboda provides a breakthrough advertising solution by using them as a platform to advertise for local and multinational businesses. It also train the drivers to improve traffic safety. Help this innovative company start this unique enterprise in Uganda. The money raised will be used for buying inventory and designing the Billbodas for our first clients.

With improved communication and ease of access to technology in Uganda, there has been an increasing social disconnection among the youth and families. There is even an increasing amount of petty crimes among the youth arising from boredom combined with idleness. Pearl Trek Adventures exists to provide new wholesome, invigorating, and constructive new ways for families and youth to reconnect, as well as exercise and grow their mental and spiritual potential.

Many women in Malawi are victims of economic and social slavery through forced early marriages, rape and HIV/AIDS. This tragedy is not consistent with Malawi's slogan: The Warm Heart of Africa. Eunice, the founder of Zayane Creations overcame this tragedy after being abused at age 15. Her story inspired the formation of the company. An investment of $24, 000 will enable the company to provide employment to 400 vulnerable women within five years through production of jewelry, bags and packaging.

Diligent Hands Furniture (DHF) is founded by Chris Mendin and Kelvin Zumba. DHF is a Liberian-based furniture company that designs and manufactures kiln-dried, standardized, modular and customized furniture that meets international standards. Our campaign is to raise financial support to purchase woodworking equipment and provide training tools to facilitate self-sustainability for at-risk youth. Our primary customers are residential owners, hospitals, and NGOs.

Crystal Water Solutions is an Oxford Project ENSIGO award-winning clean water solutions company, started by four Malawian businessmen. We seek to raise $30,000 in order to provide clean water solutions for homes and communities in Malawi, where 30,000 people die every year because of waterborne diseases. We grew up with the water dangers in Malawi and now want to solve the problem in three ways: (1) sell water filtration products (2) repair wells for villages and (3) drill wells for new development and villages.

We are 3 business graduates planning to start Malawi's first ad business that uses trucks with giant LED screens and sound systems to run ads, broadcast live TV and host events in the city and roads of Lilongwe, Malawi. Help us buys our first truck! Our research has proven that this is a solution that will significantly improve sales for Malawian businesses. We will also train young people in ad production/sales. When local businesses grow, employment increases and real development happens.