ABI Business School Curriculum

ABI's curriculum is a one-year, intensive program taught at the post-graduate level. All students have a bachelor's degree or higher, and are required to be proficient in English. All lectures are 2.5 hours long, delivered in the evenings from Monday to Thursday. During the daytime, there are no classroom lectures. However, students will be engaged heavily in workshops, internships, fieldtrips and, later on in the program, team activities designed to help launch their business ideas. 


ABI's "50/50 Rule"

At ABI we believe that the value of a business program completely depends upon its level of relevance to the environment in which its graduates will work. This is why ABI promises students what it calls the "50/50 Rule". 

50% of ABI's program consists of MBA-level lectures delivered by local professors, as well as global lecturers from world-class business schools and business professionals with a proven track record in business. 

The other 50% is a highly practical and locally relevant array of activities, including targeted, team-based internships and ideation("Idea" + "Creation") field trips around the country. More importantly, during the latter half of the program, when student teams are creating business plans and gearing up for investment, students spend months researching and testing their businesses in the live world. 

At ABI, student teams get to find their business ideas, create business plans for them, test them, and pitch them in the real-live, African business world. 

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