ABI Village Ministries


As part of its mission to give back to the African community, ABI provides free business lectures and workshops in nearby villages and fishing towns through its pro-bono program, “ABI Village Ministries”. The program is planned and executed by ABI postgraduate students teams, giving them an excellent opportunity to review the materials they have been taught in ABI, apply them to a rural context, and also pass them on to the less privileged. 


Give back to society

The ABI Village Ministries is entirely planned and run by ABI's postgraduate business students.

Appreciating the value of the business concepts that they have been taught by world-class business professors, the students have shown exceptional enthusiasm in freely passing on their newly-acquired knowledge to the less privileged of their communities. 

ABI's students, some of whom are accustomed to being on the receiving end of charity, have elatedly stated that ABI Village Ministries gives them a hugely empowering opportunity to be on the giving end. 

Review & re-grasp business concepts

The ABI postgraduate students who are involved in ABI Village Ministries also provide and prepare the content of their own lectures. This gives them an excellent opportunity to ensure they have grasped key business concepts such as strategy, marketing, operations, and finance. 



apply business concepts to a rural African context

Teaching their freshly learned business concepts in a rural farming or fishing village requires the ABI postgraduate students to immediately adapt their classroom-based lecture content to match the everyday reality of the rural African village context. How do you make a fishing village a tourist destination? How do you price your cabbages in a way that is competitive in the farmer's market? The workshops that the students adapt to fit the village context  produces many innovative twists and local wisdom that applies frugal, low-cost creativity to world-class business lecture content.