The ABI Vision

To raise competent, ethical business leaders in Africa, and to launch and empower local businesses that improve lives and transform communities by opening avenues for true independence


In Africa, an even moderately successful business can feed hundreds of families through direct employment and positively impact thousands of lives. At ABI, we believe that true social empowerment and sustainability asks for strong, local businesses run by competent, ethical local leaders, leaders who believe that, as the Bible says, it is better to give than to receive.

There is a wealth of potential for the youth and startup markets in Africa. The World Bank recently did an analysis of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world. Eleven of them were in Africa. Businesses and banks are clamoring to enter Africa’s $600 billion market.

One of the challenges keeping Africa from growing into the economic powerhouse it should, however, is its conspicuous deficiency of middle-income, working-class citizens. Africa's modernization has catapulted many individuals to the billionaire’s club, while a staggering 60% of the continent's population continues to live on subsistence farming, barely able to feed their families. 

This disparity is reflective of Africa’s anaemic small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector.

In 2009, a Milken Institute study found that 57% of employment and over 50% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in developed countries are generated in the SME tier. The research goes on to state that “if barriers to their growth were removed, SMEs would contribute more to economic development by providing jobs and income, expanding the middle class, broadening the tax base and ultimately decreasing poverty levels.”

ABI's mission is to help alleviate poverty and bolster economic growth in Africa by raising business leaders and launching businesses that will fill this “missing middle” between Africa’s giant multinational conglomerates and its sprawling micro-business sector. 

At ABI, we believe Africa is just a generation away from establishing itself as a leader in business innovation and economic breakthrough. And ABI's vision is to equip the upcoming generation of African men, women, and SMEs that will own this new era. 

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Jun Shiomitsu
Founder & President, ABI