Invest in ABI's life-transforming businesses

The ABI Fund is a US-domiciled impact fund management company that invests into the startups launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students, as well as other startups primarily in the African continent. The arm consists of a combination of fixed income and equity funds, and also has a non-profit, revolving, donation fund domiciled as a 501c3 in the United States. 

But the ABI Fund is not alone. It goes hand in hand with the ABI Incubator. 

The ABI Incubator is ABI's startup support and consultancy arm designed specifically for the companies launched by ABI's postgraduate business school students. It provides strategic advise, investment support, financial management support, first-year office, communications, and transport equipment to ensure ABI startups have a smooth start.  

To learn more about opportunities to invest in ABI's life-transforming businesses, contact us with the subject line: "Potential Investor for ABI". Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.